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David Beckham

Birth Date: May 2 1975
Birth Place: N/A

David Beckham is a leading English footballer and a former star of the legendary team Manchester United. Beckham was already a fan favorite when he married Spice Girls star Victoria Adams ("Posh Spice") in July of 1999; the combination of the two heartthrobs proved irresistible to the press and public, and they became one of Britain's most famous couples. As a player Beckham is particularly known for his free kick expertise, hot temper and spectacular long-range shots (including a famous goal from midfield against Wimbledon in 1996). In June of 2003, Manchester United sold Beckham to the Spanish team Real Madrid for a transfer fee of 35 million euros (about 25 million British pounds). Beckham wore uniform number 7 with Manchester United; at Real Madrid he switched to number 23, with 7 already taken by his teammate Raul... Real Madrid was already home to several other superstars, including Luis Figo, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane... Beckham typically plays midfield... His popular nickname is "Becks". Beckham was disqualified from the 1998 World Cup for a rough foul in England's loss to Argentina; in 2002 he returned to the World Cup as captain of the English side, alongside fellow star Michael Owen.
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